Jackson Sound Company would like to be a part of your design process. Whether you are looking for a new stage design, or a completely new building project, we have the knowledge you need to put together a system you can be proud of.


The three most important aspects of system design and installation are budget, schedule, and end user confidence. At Jackson Sound Company these are on our minds throughout the entire design and installation process. Our systems are individually designed for your exact application to ensure the best possible match of equipment to your budget, need, and expertise.
Following each installation, we setup a system specific training for your technicians. Not only to teach them the technical aspects of the new equipment, but we are also there to answer questions they may have about any aspect of the media system. In addition to on-site trainings, we are also available for questions over the phone at any time. Yes, even sunday morning. Try calling that guitar box store on a sunday morning for tech support.

System installation is when we move the project from talking and dreaming to reality. With our backgrounds in construction and fabricating,as well as our practical knowledge of all media systems, we are more than qualified to assemble and install your system with a keen attention to detail you will notice. Following each install, we custom tailor a training session that is specific to your new media equipment. Not only to teach your technicians about the new equipment, but to answer questions about all aspect of church media.

Stage Design is an essential part of the visual aspect of your church. Not only can it be a great conversation piece, but it will also serve to make your stage more interesting. Serving as a backdrop, it will create an aesthetically pleasing subject for your band and pastors. The stage design doesn’t have to be just something to look at, but can also serve as a visual representation of the current sermon series, or season of the year. Jackson Sound is experienced in finding design elements and lighting them in a way that will add to your goal, not distract from it.